We have been asked the question over and over again, “How do I know my partner is cheating?” Though every case is different and even though there are not any definitive clues, there are certain things that could raise a red flag.  Here are 10 classic signs of a cheater.

  1. They starts dressing better.  Did your rough and tough guy who doesn’t believe in shaving everyday all of a sudden morph to shiny loafers and matching suit and tie?  Has he started to smell differently, maybe with new cologne that his mistress has given him? This goes to cheating women as well. Have you noticed that she has been worried about her appearance more so than ever? Maybe she is started to dress a little sexier to impress someone?
  2. Guarding the cell phone.  This one is quite common.  Has your partner suddenly started to guard their cell phone at all times? They start taking their cell phones everywhere they go.  Suddenly the phone that used to be charging in the bedroom now goes to the bathroom, shower and sits right next to them when they are sleeping.  They may even turn it off when you are together, giving some lame excuse like he/she does not want any “disturbance”. If the phone stays highly guarded and you are allowed no where near it, there is something fishy.
  3. Password protecting everything.  Have you noticed that his/her laptop suddenly has become password protected? After two years, and now there is a password on it? What about their cell phone? Even though this is common in this day and age, it could be a sign if he/she suddenly starts doing it when they never cared for before. Especially if they refuse to give you the password.
  4. New credit cards. This is another sign that the cheater may be spending money that they do not want you to know about. If he/she has a new credit card solely on his/her name and you do not see any bills, it is time to double check.  The bills could be going to another address or is delivered online.  If that is the case, there is definitely something that does not want to be found.
  5. Hurtful words start coming out.  Picking fights all of a sudden is a classic ploy. This way if the cheater ever gets caught, they are quick to blame it on you and say you two were always fighting. Or he/she could just be picking fights so they can make a quick exit out and meet their new interest.
  6. Work hours start to change.  Has she been working late hours more often than before? Is she unavailable during lunch hours?  Maybe your spouse has suddenly become more passionate about working and putting long hard hours in. Since when did she have to travel so much for work?  Is it really work or are they making time out for their new love affair?
  7. Suggesting separate holidays. This is a very subtle but clear sign that the cheater has someone more important they want to spend time with.
  8. Not interested in sex.  He may reject you or he will go along with your rejections where he may have previously fought them.  Now instead of instigating sex, its more like, “How about we watch a movie tonight?”
  9. More adventurous with sex. On the other hand, if he is not rejecting you he may  be “experimenting” new things with you.  If you have been with your partner for awhile, their sex techniques will be familiar to you.  What is with the sudden new positions or the interest in trying new things? Is it because he has done this with someone else? As their partner, you know your spouse better than anyone else.  If there is something wrong or different, there may be something up.
  10. Social Media. Has she been spending more time on Facebook lately?  Are there some things that you cannot see on her page or maybe she refuses to be your Facebook friend? In this day and age, it has become more easier to cheat with the ease of social media and Internet access.  The Internet has become the new playground for cheaters.

While these are common signs that we normally see, it does not necessarily mean that you have a cheater on your hands.  The best thing is to catch them in the act.  Contact Honey Trap USA if you have suspicions and need answers. You Suspect, We Confirm.