Business Services Division

The Business Services Division (BSD) at Honey Trap USA concentrates on specific situations that arise for companies. These situations are vast and can vary from skip tracing and employee theft. The BSD has trained agents to handle scenarios common for our business owner clients. As a business owner, time can be an important factor in these situations. Instead of the reactive investigative methods of traditional private detectives, honey trap field agents tend to be more proactive. Instead of observing and letting the situation unfold, the honey trap agent is directly involved.

The Business Service Division investigates:

  • Skip Tracing-  With our vast experience and immense knowledge, we are able to utilize these skills when it comes to skip tracing. We find those that others can’t.
  • Fraudulent Law Suite Investigations- When facing a fraudulent lawsuit, evidence obtained quickly showing the true intent of the plaintiff can save a business thousands of dollars.
  • Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims-  They claim under oath that they no longer can work or sometimes have difficulty checking the mail. Suddenly, they are rock climbing with one of our field agents and smiled for our cameras. Honey Traps are one of your best defenses for false claims.
  • Employee Theft and Behavior Investigations- Nothing can be more damaging to a company than employee theft or unethical behavior. In these situations, sometimes you cannot wait for evidence to present itself. With a trained honey trap agent, evidence can be obtained more efficiently and much quicker.

These services are only a small fraction of the situations that can be handled by the Business Services Division. The BSD was created with the knowledge that business owners are faced with challenges and adversity that arises from time to time.

If you have any questions regarding the Business Services Division, send us an email at or fill out the form below.