Child Support Investigations

Child Support Investigations

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A Honey Trap agent can be very helpful in discovering material facts if your ex spouse is hiding income solely to keep their child support lower.  Our Child Support Investigation follows one simple principle. Men when approached by a younger attractive female will use their income to compensate for the age difference when flirting. What they are willing to lie to a court about, they will tell this new female showing interest in them.

The Honey Trap agent will dwell into the conversation asking specific questions about their income in a very natural way.  In most cases, a second date is arranged to where the conversation will be directed to their children and the cost of child support. The agent will be a very sympathetic ear to this and offer nothing but support.   This allows them to feel comfortable and usually by this time, the truth is revealed.

You may ask, “Why would they tell this?” Experience has shown that these men are so proud of what they are doing they want someone to know how smart they are. Since the Honey Trap Agent has no connection to his ex-wife, why not finally be able to brag about what they have done and how they did it?

With the audio and video recording of these conversations during the child support investigations, your attorney should have the knowledge of where to look to find the missing income.

Underreport income on tax returns and/or financial statements. If it’s not reported, it can’t be used in a financial analysis.
Overpay the IRS or creditors. If your husband overpays, he can get the refund later, after the divorce is final.
Defer salary, delay signing new contracts and/or hold commissions or bonuses. This sneaky trick means this income won’t be “on the books” during the divorce proceedings.
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