Competitive Intelligence Unit

In today’s competitive business environment, having up-to-date information about what your competitor is doing can either keep you ahead in the market or  it can leave you behind. A good intelligence operation is a early-warning system. It will allow you to know disruptive changes in the competitive landscape. Information such as a competitors product or pricing strategy, key employees company morale and feelings of their own companies treatment of them. All this and much more can be realized through our competitive intelligence unit.

Monitoring news social and web postings of your competitor is a small portion. The unit will identify key employees or outside sources that would be “in the know” of what is going on with your competitor. Depending on our client’s wishes they will be approached by either one of our honey trap field agents or through our CIU cyber unit.

The cyber unit has thousands of online profiles available to them. They will best match a profile to what they believe will work well to peak the target’s interest. These type on on-line social relationships have produced a wealth of information.  Information that we have found in these cases includes knowledge such as: supply chain failures, upcoming product releases, and internal strife . This information can have huge intelligence gains for our corporate clients and allow them to react accordingly. Even a small window of time provided by good intelligence can be of rewarding benefit.

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What are Clients are Saying:

“I was not really needing to know what my competition was doing but our consulting company suggested the use of Honey Trap USA because we were at the mercy of our suppliers pricing whims. Even the slightest price change could take us out of a competitive situation. The information you were able to provide was really a life saver. We not only knew weeks in advance, but were able to strategize and react before they had even made pricing changes. We even knew who inside to contact from our supplier so that we could negotiate a price change. The best part was we bypassed all the lip service we would get from their sales team. I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to a very long and healthy relationship with your company. “

S.N. Alpharetta, GA