Concerned Friends and Family

Do you have a friend or family member that is dating a cheater? Are you concerned they are a victim of infidelity? Honey Trap USA can help concerned friends and family expose the truth to their loved ones.

 “I could not believe when my best friend’s fiancé made a pass at me. I was very surprised when it happened a 2nd and 3rd time. It was a horrible situation “

This type of call or email had been received by our intake department more than once. It is a very difficult situation to be in. How do you handle it without your friend being defensive? Or even worse, if they ask you, “What did you do to cause him to do that?”  It can be a situation where if not handled correctly can cost a valuable friendship.  How do you approach the topic without any hard evidence? It will be your word against theirs.

The decision to tell a friend or loved one your beliefs that their spouse or new relationship would or has cheated on them can be extremely difficult. At Honey Trap USA, we have stumbled upon many of these cases where soon to be father in laws or even best friends have decided to take the first step. We can provide the evidence you need to expose the cheater.

Even though we handle these cases with the same methods as any other case, we also understand the importance of anonymity. These cases are assigned to a select group of case managers who have been trained and understand the complexity of these types of cases. Any time the client is someone other then the spouse who is being cheated on, it has its own challenges.

Concerned friends and family can range from parents to best friends but also is not just limited to those areas. We have had numerous cases where it involved parents getting into a second marriage and the children want to protect their own parent. Whatever the case is, we can help find the answers. We all have the same goal, and that is to protect the ones we love.

concerned friends and family

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What Our Clients Are Saying

 “Your team saved my daughter and our family from a man who was not as he seemed. Thank you for bringing into light his inability to stay faithful. I was very unsure about doing this, but realized it would be more painful if she did not realize his ways years from now. “

J.C. Muncie, IN

 “I knew my brother-in-law was continuing to be unfaithful to my sister. She would never believe anything anyone would tell her. She would always say ‘He was just being a flirt.’ I knew it hurt her.  When they started talking about having children I knew she at least deserved to know the truth and have evidence that he could not lie himself out of. It worked and my brother-in-law failed the Honey Trap so quickly and with enough evidence she could not look the other way.  Thanks Guys you did a great job. “

R.J.   Knoxville, TN