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HoneyTrap USA Corporate Investigation Unit

Due to high demands, Honey Trap USA created the Corporate Investigations Unit in early 2012. Our original purpose was to handle competitive research for our corporate clients who wanted to see what their competitions key employees were saying about their employers on social media website. As our cases grew over the years, we decided to break down this division into specialized units.

Mark Allen, founder of Corporate Intelligence and Security Services in London, England, came on board to head the division.

 “I have worked with companies and government agencies for years on increasing their security infrastructure. Our services included a heavy concentration looking preventing corporate espionage which was plaguing some of our high-tech industries in the European Union. I paid special attention to the amount of female spies that were coming into the European market from Asia. The amount of money our clients were spending was breathtaking but the human element could void out all the money and precautions that were spent on network infrastructure. Criminal prosecution was impossible even when caught because the employees or our clients were freely giving out delicate information to those pretty faces. This became a huge challenge.“

The Corporate Investigations Division (CID) is broken down into several different units. Our highly trained agents and support staff have been able to provide our corporate clients exactly what they were looking for. CID has also worked with companies to customize a solution for them inside of these units.

Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU)- Specializing in Social Networking, this unit has developed thousands of online profiles that appeal to any industry and personality. The CIU will be given a list of key employees of your competition . They will use existing social network profiles to engage them and develop a online friendship. The CIU will be looking for algorithms among the competitors key employees to provide signs and signals into the inner workings of your competitor. These can include product and production issues, as well as morale of their employees.

Corporate Internal Investigation Unit (CIIU) – Utilizes field agents to investigate our client’s company internally. CIIU handles employee theft, employee selling of company information, morale, insider recruitment to other companies, etc. There have been cases where a key employee or partners behavior towards certain employees has put the company at risk.

Corporate Risk Assessment Unit (CRAU)- How at risk is your company to cyber honey traps, or honeytraps themselves?  CRAU concentrates on infiltrating our client’s own company and reporting back its findings. Then, we will provide a training and assessment review so that your employees are aware of the risk so that your company will not be victims again.