Corporate Risk Assessment Unit

Recent headlines have shown how vulnerable companies here in the US are to corporate espionage. There have been foreign governments accused of using honey traps to carry out their spying on US companies. Why have they gone to using human assets instead of hacking or breaking through corporate firewalls to gain information? Corporations have been spending millions in the US alone to safe guard their corporate secrets and business plans on their networks, email servers and other technologies vulnerable to these types of cyber attacks.

The glaring weak spot, even though hard to imagine, is the human element. Even as you read this, there are countless employees from big corporations freely giving confidential information to their friends or loved ones. These same people would never knowingly give this information to a agent of your competitor.

On the other hand… these same people would brag to their recent romantic interest of how they are developing software that can do something amazing. They divulge information such as how the engineering department are all extremely frustrated with their new supervisor and would love to just leave. Then, there is the example of an employee of the government contractor who meet a young beautiful lady at the bar went on for hours about all the capabilities of the software package he is working on. It is important to remember that your employees were hired to carry out the tasks of your company. Very few employees, if any, will have a background of corporate espionage. Based on these findings, this allows them to be prime targets to agents of other companies or Honey Traps. They unknowingly reveal confidential information regarding your company or its products.

The Human Factor is your companies weakest link, but it does not have to be. Our Corporate Risk Assessment Unit investigates the potential dangers in your company. For more information regarding this unit fill out the form below or email us at

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