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As technology advances, so do the methods that people can cheat. Before the days of cell phones and internet, people had to relay on actually seeing each other. The Internet has become the new seductress in town. Communicating by text, email, and social media is comfortably become the new norm for many people with no desire to actually speak or make face-to-face interaction.  The Internet is the new playground for infidelity, and apparently it has some confused because men and women do not agree on what constitutes as cyber cheating.  The line between cheating and just being a little too “friendly” has been blurred by the internet.

Social networking sites like Facebook, are the biggest culprits in instigating these “emotional affairs,” or “cyber cheating.”  Staying in touch before was hard but with the advancements in technology, it has become much easier.  Social network sites allow you to contact old friends, lovers or people you have never even met before and the seemingly innocent exchange of personal details, messages, chats and photographs, can apparently be enough to spark an intimate relationship.

Whether it is text, email, or social media message, writing is such an intimate form of communication.  Back in the day, the most intimate way to connect with someone was through a hand written “love letter.” In today’s time, people typically write things they wouldn’t normally have the courage to say.  Cyber messaging has become a major outlet for people to express their true unfiltered feelings.

With social media and the easy access of the internet, cyber cheating is lurking around the corner. Do not become a victim of a cyber affair. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, contact Honey Trap USA today.  We have a 24/7 cyber unit, that specializes in cyber cheating.  We will get the answers you need.

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