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Domestic Investigations has been the cornerstone of our business. Starting out in 2003 as strictly a pre-marriage fidelity test company,this is where our company started and where we have delivered excellence to our clients, allowing us to grow to what we are today.

The Domestic Investigations Unit is responsible for all cases involving private parties. Over the years we have been able to include many more solutions for our clients. these solutions include:honey trap, cheating wife, cheating spouse, husband affair, wife affair

Spousal Fidelity Assessment This assessment involves a client who either has a suspicion that their partner is being unfaithful or would do so if given the chance. The majority of the clients over the years have been good hearted spouses who have caught their partner once and would like to know for certain that the promises the offending spouse made about it never happening again are true. Statistics have shown that cheating men and cheating women have been on the rise.

Pre-Marital Fidelity Assessment- This assessment usually involves a client who is about to make a lifetime commitment of marriage and wants to make sure that their spouse is being honest about his or her commitment to the relationship.

Cyber Flirt Agents  The Cyber Flirt team utilizes different methods of communicating with the target in question. Methods include but not limited to texting, social media, email, Facebook, or phone calls.  This unit has seen tremendous success and has been able to deliver the answers our clients are looking for while staying inside our client’s budget.


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Concerned Friends and FamilyOften times we worry about the choices our loved ones are making. How do you approach the topic when you are the family member or friend that is suspecting their spouse of cheating? This can be very difficult and if not approached carefully can tarnish the relationship. Our agents or cyber division will work with you while maintaining your anonymity and confidentiality. The evidence provided will  either ease your fears or save your loved one from a deceitful relationship.

Child Support Investigations- The realization that the same personality type that would shield income to keep a lower child support is usually the same person that will brag about their misdeeds to the new pretty face they are trying to impress. What can be sometimes so hard to prove through court orders and accounting, can sometimes be much easier catering to their bravado. We at Honey Trap USA, have high success rates with exposing the truth and giving you back what you deserve.

Pre/Post Divorce Asset Divorce Investigations- Statistics and experience have shown us that the income producing spouse generally knows of the divorce before the spouse. In these cases, the spouse will sometimes try and hide either assets or income. They have had the time to plan and hide assets. A Honey Trap agent can sometimes find out what attorneys or CPA’s have not been able to discover.

The Domestic Investigations Division has seasoned professionals with varied backgrounds to meet our clients needs. With investigators with years of experience both in Federal and State undercover investigations, we will deliver and surpass or clients expectations. For more information on any of these areas, fill out the form below..

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