Flirtatious Emails. Constant Text Messaging. The giggles back and forth during working lunches.  Emotional affairs, the new kind of adultery.

Emotionally entangled. Pseudo-Intimacy. Addicted. Being in an emotional affair is like a human drug to ease anxiety and discomfort in a fallen world.  There is no need to conflict with your spouse and you can escape from reality.  Your human drug affair will listen and understand and always make you feel better.

So how can an emotional affair be dangerous if there is no sex involved?

Emotional affairs often begin when there is a feeling of greater emotional intimacy and “understanding” being perceived from the person outside of a primary relationship.  Often, there is unwillingness to acknowledge that a sexual attraction is beginning to take place.

This results in secrecy and denial that becomes very damaging to the trust, intimacy, and honesty which may have taken y ears to build.  The real trouble with emotional affairs is the level of intimacy that develops.

Intimacy is not always about sex. Intimacy is really about trust and the ability to share your inner self with someone else.

Emotional affairs are messy. Psychotherapists say that the hardest part to get over when a spouse is unfaithful is not the actual sexual act that takes place, but rather the emotional attachment that goes along with it. The damage begins when information is shared, thoughts or feelings that should have been kept between spouses.  This is an emotional betrayal that cuts into the heart of a marriage.

An emotional affair is often filled with great intensity, simply because it is not sexual, nor physical in any way.  This leaves a lot of room for fantasy about not only what the sexual relationship might be like, but about what the relationship itself might look and feel like.  That fantasy heightens the obsessive quality of an emotional affair, so that the partner you love is frequently thinking about being with another person.

Once the mind focuses on building deeper emotional connections with someone outside the primary relationship…even if it is all thoughts, it is only a matter of time until those thoughts seek to manifest into reality.

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