Steven Woods, a successful businessman, owns several self storage facilities in the state of Georgia. Steve could not quite figure out why since switching management in one of his facilities, his current client renewal rates have dropped 61% from the previous year. A Honey Trap field agent was brought in to investigate employee theft. She approached the facility to inquire about a storage unit rental. The agent posed as a local college student looking to store personal items her dorm room could not fit. The site manager suggested that she used another facility whose prices were much lower.The agent continued to flirt with the manager and it was revealed the storage facility he recommended was actually owned by him and his brother in law. Giving signals of interest, the agent managed to set a dinner date later on in the evening with the manager. During the dinner, the agent was offered a position with the new company. The position entailed meeting new clients at the facility and setting them up. The agent was assured to not worry about clients because he would send them over.

The look on the manger’s face when he found out his flirtatious college student, was actually a Honey Trap agent is priceless. Needless to say, sales have improved for Steven and the old manager has to find his own clients.

Employee Theft