Has Facebook become the newest high school reunion? Where men and women forget they have been married for years and mold into who they were and who they were with twenty years ago. When it comes to cheating Facebook can blur lines of whats right until its to late.

Think about this. Facebook allows you to use the picture of yourself at your best. You can spell check your post and write about all the exciting things you are doing. This allows you to put your best face forward. Little do you suspect that the old flame from high-school also has these tools to her disposal as well. It starts innocently , you receive a quick nudge and five minutes later remembering how the two of you danced at the prom. This allows you not to think about the bills, taxes or mortgage payment. Its so easy to forget your real life. The life you have worked hard to build with your spouse , the family you have focused on the last several years.

Now lets talk about your spouse , sitting there in the other room , thinking about what all needs to happen tomorrow. They are firmly placed in the now. Trust me when I tell you a online affair is just as hurtful as a traditional affair. Stop now or you will destroy what you both have worked so hard to build.


Here are some signs that you might be having a online affair

  1. You spend more time communicating with the Facebook friend than you do your spouse
  2. You tell them everything about your day ,but have little to say to your spouse.
  3. Turning off or minimizing the screen as soon as your spouse walks in the room.
  4. setting up a email address that your spouse knows nothing about.
  5. You start not sleeping at night and find yourself spending hours online
  6. You start remising about your high-school days or collage days more and more.

If you are engaging in a Facebook affair my suggestion is to stop now. If your spouse is, then confront if its in its early stages. If they lie or refuse to , it might be time to contact HoneyTrapUSA.com.

Is It Time You Know The Truth?

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