Fraudulent Workers' Compensation Claims and Lawsuits

Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims, Disability Claims and lawsuits can cost taxpayers millions of dollars a year. Most of these cases will go uncaught or so expensive and hard to prove they are just paid out. The perpetrators of these frauds are willing to perjure themselves in court and fraudulently claim injuries which prevent them from returning to work or even walking to a mailbox. When facing with a fraudulent lawsuit, evidence obtained quickly showing the true intent of the plaintiff can save a business thousands of dollars.

The disturbing fact is that these same claimants will go out of their way to show their vigor and youthful agility when trying to impress a new love interest. The same man who tells his doctor that he cannot open or close his car door without being in extreme pain will go water skiing with one of our honey trap field agents. When it comes to trying to impress a a new admirer, these claimants forget all the pain which they have been telling their doctors about.

The Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation and Disability Claims Unit has dealt with claimants who state that for several years they are unable to walk to their own mailbox without having to sit and rest because of sharp back pains. The amazing thing is, these claimants have no trouble with taking our Honey Trap agents line dancing or rock climbing. If you are dealing with suspicious insurance claims and need evidence to uncover the truth, a Honey Trap agent is the answer. The agents can provide you with proof and information that is needed to uncover the fraud.

Fraudulent Workers' Compensation Claims

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