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At Honey Trap USA, we have built our services based on the needs of our clients. Our honey trap services have been divided into three main divisions with specialized units.

Domestic Investigations Division (DID)- DID is responsible for all cases involving private parties. The specialized units in the DID include: Spousal Fidelity AssessmentPre-Marital Fidelity AssessmentCyber Flirt AgentsConcerned Friends and FamilyChild Support Investigations, and Pre/Post Divorce Asset Divorce Investigations.

Corporate Investigations Division (CID)-  CID has three detailed units to tailor fit the demands of corporations and business owners. The units are: Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU)Corporate Internal Investigation Unit (CIIU), and  Corporate Risk Assessment Unit (CRAU).

Business Services Division (BSD)- BSD focuses on business needs such as Skip TracingFraudulent Law Suite Investigations,Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims or Employee Theft and Behavior Investigations.

We understand that each case is different therefore we always review and go over the details thoroughly with our clients.  With all the information given, your Honey Trap Consultant will recommend the services that best fits your situation. Submit your case and let us contact you and see the best option for you. We have excellent in house consultants and our honey trap agents are the most professional out there. We will get you the truth.

Every individual case is different therefore our service fees differ from case to case.  Our consultants will give you all the options and go over budget with you during your first consultation.

We understand that it may be difficult to take the first step toward hiring a Honey Trap.  Please be assured that your privacy is very important to us. Any information disclosed will not be shared.  We are very friendly and approachable, treat all inquiries with discretion, understanding and respect.


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What happens after I contact Honey Trap USA?

We have agents that work round the clock. When you submit your case to us, it will automatically go to one of our Honey Trap Managers.  The manager will review the case and the details.  He/She will contact you within 24 hours to set up your first consultation.  The initial consultation will be free of charge and you will be asked questions regarding what you would like accomplished and details of your situation.  They will come up with a plan of action and discuss the fees with you.  Additional fees can incur if there is a change in the plan or additional services are required. This will always be discussed with the client prior.  Once everything has been agreed upon, an agent will be assigned to you.


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