Honey Trap USA and team,
Thank you for taking on my case. As I told you previously, my daughter is all I have. My wife passed away a few years back and I made a promise to look after our little star. When she first introduced me to her boyfriend, I was very happy that she was happy. After dating for about six months they got engaged. I could not be happier for my little star. She would soon be able to start her own family and hopefully I would be blessed with many grandchildren. Over the next three months, my feelings towards her fiancé started to change as I noticed his change in behavior. During family dinners, he would excuse himself to the restroom for what seemed like hours. My daughter and I would talk about her wedding plans and I never hear his name being involved in the day to day activities. My little star was so excited about this wedding, I do not think she was noticing anything odd. I started to do some research online and came across your site. I was battling the love I had for my daughter and me invading her life. I would not have been able to live with myself and break the promise I made to my wife if anything happened to my little star. I contacted Stephanie and her team and not only were they very professional but they were also very understanding. It turned out that my intuitions were correct and her fiancé was caught red handed. I can not thank you enough for what your company did for our family. You saved my daughter’s life! Her marriage would have been a lie and a waste of her life. The services were well worth it and we send you many thanks.

With many thanks,
A Happy Father

At first I was uneasy about allowing a father to hire us to investigate his daughters fiancé without her knowledge , but after I heard about his case, I am very glad we helped. – Stephanie Collins