Birmingham, Alabama

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An Alabama man filed a suit against Honey Trap USA in Feb 2012. The lawsuit claimed that he was tricked into having an online affair with a woman he thought was 22 years of age. His claim stated that sometime in July of 2011, his now ex-wife hired Honey Trap USA to start a cyber affair with the plaintiff . When the plaintiff started replying to all the emails, texts and communications from the Honey Trap agent. These point of communications  were recorded and delivered to his wife at the time, who later filed for divorce.

The evidence provided by Honey Trap USA revealed that it was only a simple text that enticed the gentleman to contact their agent frequently. Steven Black, a spokesman with Honey Trap USA,  stated “The plaintiff was sent a text with a photo of three college age female students at the beach with the text message, ‘Hey Vicky, had a great time this weekend at the beach, here is the photo of us. Call me when you get back in town.’  The judge saw that at any time the plaintiff could of just ignored the text as a mistake,  but he didn’t. ”

In fact, the plaintiff sent back a text message asking if there were any more pictures. The agent did their job by enticing the plaintiff and recording all messages received. From that point, the plaintiff asked within days if they could meet at a local hotel. What the plaintiff did not know was that he was texting and emailing a 51 year old male who is happens to be one of the Honey Trap cyber agents.  Honey Trap USA was also able to show that the plaintiff sent unsolicited explicit photos of himself within days of receiving the original text.

After the case was thrown out, Black stated that not only was it a case that justice prevailed, but also showed that everyone is responsible for his or her actions. “The plaintiffs ex-wife hired us to see if her spouse would cheat. We could only conclude he would when he constantly sent request to meet for sex and not so flattering pictures of himself.  On a side note,  the wife did appreciate his photography during their divorce proceedings.”

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