Mens Midlife Crisis

Most people believe that a man’s hitting his “middle age” is what causes him to go through a midlife crisis, when in reality, it has more to do with their wife’s age not theirs. Men’s midlife crisis is usually brought on by their wife’s menopausal phase and the end of their reproductive years. This can cause a man to feel the need to attract younger woman that can still reproduce. When a man goes out and buys an expensive new car, flashy clothes/jewelry, or other expensive “toys”, he is actually only doing these things in hopes of attracting those younger woman to replace his menopausal wife. Most 50 something men have no interest in reliving their 20 something lives, they just want to attract the 20 something women so they don’t have to feel like they are at the end of their road in life.
Even though a man’s wife going through menopause is the main reason why men go through their midlife crisis, there are other causes for a midlife crisis to be brought on. A man can be upset by noticeable changes in his appearance, lowered sexual stamina, becoming a grandparent, and/or dealing with a friend or loved ones passing. All of these things can also make a man feel like he needs to make some drastic changes in his life, which brings on the midlife crisis.
There are some signs a woman can look for if they believe their husband is going through a midlife crisis. If your husband is drinking more often, has had an affair or is having an affair, abruptly leaves you and the kids, tells you he feels like he needs to make some major changes in his life, becomes overly concerned with his appearance, or feels the need for more excitement/thrills, he could possibly be in the middle of a midlife crisis or is about to be in one.

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