It’s so easy for couples to get caught up in the everyday routine of life, what with work, taking care of kids, worrying about paying bills, and everything else you may have to do on a daily basis.  However, I can’t stress to all the couples out there the importance of making time for each other.  Create some alone time for one another as many times a week as you can.  Even if you just sit down and have a glass of wine together at the end of the day, whatever amount of time you can set aside for one another will help you with maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.  And, you don’t want to wait until you feel like your relationship has reached a routine stage to start doing this either.  If you do this from the beginning of your relationship, or get in the habit of doing it now, you could potentially prevent it from ever becoming/feeling routine in the first place.

In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why relationships don’t work out is due to one or both of the partners losing sight of the other one just because they aren’t making the time to reconnect with one another on a regular basis. What do you expect will happen if you don’t show your lover that you still desire and appreciate them? Most likely, they will end up either going to find what their looking for elsewhere or just leave you altogether.  Even though I don’t condone cheating for any reason, I’m not naive to the fact that it happens all the time.

So, an easy way for you not to ever have to deal with these issues in your relationship would be to just set aside some time for one another a couple times a week.  Doing things to let your significant other know you still appreciate them and love them works wonders for the longevity and health of your relationship.  Remember, “Actions speak louder than words.”