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Is Tinder Cheating

How Does it Work?
In some cases the wife already acknowledges that her husband is cheating and even knows
with whom. so our traditional services that are designed to only find out if he would cheat are
really mute. Why would you need to question what is already answered. Remember our service
has always been about intelligence. If you have not read Steven Berry’s article “ You gained
information with Honey Trap, now what? “ you should. In my experiences as an agent I have
ran across several reasons:
He is hiding assets – There was a case in Nashville where a professional had claimed that
there were no joint assets. That due to the last three years the company he and his wife started
lost money and there was nothing to split. The wife had been absent from the business for
several years because they had decided that it was best for her to stay home and raise there
children. He at that same time started an affair with is assistant who also happened to do the
books. Now I know that we are taught to always be truthful, and especially if we are sworn in
during a court case. The reality is that most lawyers will tell you that the probability is that the
mistress will lie if questioned. In this case that would of been no different. As the title “ Mad
Mistress” suggest it was not our job to show the mans incredible infidelity to his wife, but to
show it to his mistress. I was the agent and met him in a local eatery and within 40 minutes after
introducing myself as a district sales manager for a cell phone provider , he was whispering into
my ear that he wanted to take me to a hotel . We did the whole thing on tape ( I always have at
least 2 surveillance team members close by

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