Pre-Marital Fidelity Assessment

It is always better to know if someone will cheat before you marry them. The time before a couple gets married is bliss. There are usually no arguments about bills, children, or even what to watch on TV. This is the honeymoon period of a relationship. If someone is willing to cheat on their spouse during this period, what will they be willing to do once the stresses of life and marriage kick in? With our fidelity assessment, Honey Trap USA can expose a would be cheater before you invest too much time in their lies and deceit.

A honey trap can be a good indicator of what the future has in store. The pre-marriage fidelity assessment is much like a traditional honey trap. A honey trap agent will give your spouse suitable hints of their interest in a social setting. There will be plenty of interest shown to the target and to test the boundaries whether or not they are willing to cross the line. The encounter will be videoed and recorded to provide hard evidence of the target’s interaction and reaction. Any second doubts you might have can then be either confirmed or put to rest.

It is important to remember that our honey trap agent will not place any type of pressure on your spouse. They will just give them the impression that they are willing to have a physical encounter. Our agents will never have any kind of physical contact with the target.  They are just setting the stage to see what your partner will do. We also offer a similar service with our Cyber Flirt Agents via social networking contact. It is always better to know up front what you might be getting into.

Here is a general scenario during a Honey Trap Assignment:

  • The Honey Trap Agent will flirtatiously approach your partner in a social setting(example: Bar, Gym, etc)
  • Honey Trap agent will initialize a conversation.
  • Agent will usually state that they are from out of town only in town for a day or two with their job
  • They will speak of the fact that they are having to share a room with a co-worker, whom they have no social interest.
  • Continue to flirt
  • Agent will state their willingness to continue the evening alone with your partner, only if they had a room
  • They will ask your partner to obtain a hotel room so that they could have a physical encounter
  • If your partner responds in the positive, they will offer to follow your partner in a separate car to the hotel
  • Once at the hotel a surveillance support staff will walk in behind your partner and record them checking in
  • Once the check-in is almost complete a signal will be given to the Honey Trap Agent waiting outside in their car to leave
  • The video and audio from the Honey trap agent and the surveillance support staff will be uploaded and delivered to the client so that they can make a informed decision how to proceed
  • If your partner shows no interest in our Honey Trap Agent that will be recorded and sent as well so that you know your concerns are pointless

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Alice, the case manager we were assigned is amazing. My best-friend since childhood was getting married to a smuck. They were engaged on April 18th. Within 6 weeks he had tried to sleep with 4 out of 8 of us bridesmaids. We did not know what to do, so we chipped in and hired your company. It did not take 10 minutes for him to suggest getting a hotel room for himself and your honey trap agent. All of this was caught on camera. Once we showed our friend and told her that we hired you because we were worried she called him and broke off the wedding right then. I do feel a little guilty but knowing if she would not listen to us and if she had not broken the wedding off she would waste some of the best years of her life.”

T.C   Asheville, N.C.