Pre & Post Divorce Asset Investigations

In a divorce one partner is usually surprised by the original request from their partner for the divorce. The one seeking the divorce has had time to plan on their future and how to best position themselves for the upcoming divorce. Sometimes, this could involve in hiding assets that were jointly owned during the marriage. At Honey Trap USA, we have seen and investigated numerous cases where this has happened. Divorce Asset Investigations are highly recommended if you even slightly suspect that your partner is being less than truthful.

There are several different ways this is done and can be difficult to prove. Divorce Asset Investigations cover all these areas and much more to uncover what does not what to be revealed. Here are some examples:

  • Transfer stock accounts or investments accounts to friends or family members and have them transferred back when the divorce has been settled.
  • Using a different social security number so it will be harder to trace.
  • Purchase expensive items to reduce the amount of liquid assets. These items can be returned or sold after the divorce is final.
  • Purchase real estate in someone else’s name.
  • Creating phony debts by working with friends or family to increase expenses or loans that will be deducted from joint assets.

These activities are not only unethical,but also can be illegal. The question is can you prove it? Going through their mail, covertly listening to conversations or going through emails can lead to legal trouble.

A Honey Trap Agent can appeal to their arrogance and desire to impress with their assets. What they are willing to commit perjury in court to hide, they will readily admit to this new younger good looking love interest. The target provides the information voluntarily to one of our agents therefore there is no presumption of privacy. Divorce Asset Investigations can save you valuable time and money trying to discover where the assets went.

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