Do you have a cheating relationship problem?

One of the biggest relationship problems for many couples is when your loved one has cheated on you and you decided to forgive them and stay in the relationship afterwards, then you probably already know that, once someone has cheated, it completely changes the whole atmosphere surrounding the relationship. The person that was cheated on is always going to have trust issues with their partner, and the person that cheated is always going to think that they could get away with it if they decided to cheat again. Most couples can never get back to the way things were prior to one of the partners cheating.

So, before you decide to stay with someone after they have cheated on you, you need to sit down and really think about what that will mean and how hard it’s probably going to be for you. Even if you truly love that person, it is almost impossible to have a happy, healthy relationship with someone that you cannot trust. And, if you don’t discuss the infidelity, or reprimand your lover in some way for the incident, who’s to say they won’t just do it again. If someone believes they can do something without there being any consequences for their actions, human nature dictates that they will probably do it!

But, if you choose to stay with a cheater and they cheat on you again, you need to be ready to take some responsibility for their actions if you aren’t going to do anything about it. I’m not saying that it is ever ok for someone to cheat, but what I am saying is that if the person who has been cheated on decides to stay, they either need to lay down the law after the first time or just go ahead and expect ahead of time that their partner will do it again at some point.