Skip Tracing

Fred Meyer was an accomplished embezzler. This is not his only accomplishment. He had been able to allude investigators who were hired by his previous investment firm, along with local and federal law enforcements. Fred was able to cover his tracks well, rarely reaching out to anyone in his past and only contacting those in his inner circle. Life changed for Fred when he rekindled with Katherine on He could not remember Katherine since his high school graduation was fairly large. After months of messaging each other back and forth, Fred knew once he received Katherine’s picture that she was the girl of his dreams. Fred arranged to fly her to his location in Hot Springs, Arkansas. When she arrived, he was anxious to show her where he works and the beautiful home he purchased on the lake. Fred explained to Katherine the residents of Hot Springs know of him as Anthony, which is his middle name. They had a wonderful weekend together and were only saddened when Katherine had to fly back home. The sadness of Katherine leaving was quickly minimized when two agents from Fred’s old company and local law enforcements came to arrest him. The truth was revealed, his “dream girl” Katherine is a honey trap agent who was skip tracing Fred.

After having no luck tracking Fred down for years, his old company decided it was time to do something different. They looked into skip tracing and made the decision to hire Honey Trap USA to do what they could not do. ¬†With our vast experience and immense knowledge, we are able to utilize these skills when it comes to skip tracing. We find those that others can’t.

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