Testimonials – What our Clients are Saying about Honey Trap USA:

“I was not really needing to know what my competition was doing but our consulting company suggested the use of Honey Trap USA because we were at the mercy of our suppliers pricing whims. Even the slightest price change could take us out of a competitive situation. The information you were able to provide was really a life saver. We not only knew weeks in advance, but were able to strategize and react before they had even made pricing changes. We even knew who inside to contact from our supplier so that we could negotiate a price change. The best part was we bypassed all the lip service we would get from their sales team. I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to a very long and healthy relationship with your company. “

S.N. Alpharetta, GA

“Your team saved my daughter and our family from a man who was not as he seemed. Thank you for bringing into light his inability to stay faithful. I was very unsure about doing this, but realized it would be more painful if she did not realize his ways years from now. “

J.C. Muncie, IN

“I knew my brother-in-law was continuing to be unfaithful to my sister. She would never believe anything anyone would tell her. She would always say ‘He was just being a flirt.’ I knew it hurt her.  When they started talking about having children I knew she at least deserved to know the truth and have evidence that he could not lie himself out of. It worked and my brother-in-law failed the Honey Trap so quickly and with enough evidence she could not look the other way.  Thanks Guys you did a great job. “

R.J.   Knoxville, TN

“I did not think my fiancé would start an online affair, I said as much. I still had the need to know for sure. When I saw that she was face-booking your agent all night long with private messages going back and forth till 4:00 am , I was more than a little surprised since she was supposed to be in the other room studying. When I read that she was telling a man she only met on Facebook about what clubs she would be at that weekend, I got mad but could get over it. Then I read where she said that when she “hook’s up” with someone she needed to stay with them because she lived with her brother. I walked around the house we bought together trying to see where her brother moved in and did not find any proof. So I guess when she was out “hooking up” she was talking about me when she said she lived with her brother. THANK GOD I found out before the wedding, now just looking for a roommate. Thank You, Thank You!”

G.L  Chicago, IL

“Alice, the case manager we were assigned is amazing. My best-friend since childhood was getting married to a smuck. They were engaged on April 18th. Within 6 weeks he had tried to sleep with 4 out of 8 of us bridesmaids. We did not know what to do, so we chipped in and hired your company. It did not take 10 minutes for him to suggest getting a hotel room for himself and your honey trap agent. All of this was caught on camera. Once we showed our friend and told her that we hired you because we were worried she called him and broke off the wedding right then. I do feel a little guilty but knowing if she would not listen to us and if she had not broken the wedding off she would waste some of the best years of her life.”

T.C.   Asheville, N.C.