The Traveling Cheater

Many affairs begin and blossom at work. According to the latest statistics, the work place is the number one place for infidelity.  A professional relationship between two co workers can easily transform into an affair as they get closer. What begins as an innocent way to discuss work with a fellow co worker could quickly ignite to a love affair.  Since we spend most of our day at work, we start to mix the reality of work and personal life at the office.  It becomes so much easier to vent to your co worker or grab a quick drink after work to let off some steam. Sometimes this could be a good thing, but as we all know mixing alcohol tends to fog our conscious. Soon you start discussing more then work, perhaps its to find comfort from the same co worker that you used to vent to.  Things might not be going well at home and your co worker seems to be the only one that understands. With all these circumstances, the opportunity for cheating becomes greater.

Co workers are often given the opportunity to travel together giving the cheaters an all expense paid vacation away from their families.Thus, we have the traveling cheater.  Cheaters who travel frequently create a whole new level of challenges and questions for the spouse who is left behind to deal with the infidelity.

If the cheater is not having an affair with a fellow co worker, traveling for work gives them the opportunity to live their alternative lifestyle.  They often seek company of an escort service, meet someone to cheat with at that location, or take someone with them.  Men will even go to strip clubs or find call girls when traveling.

If you suspect your spouse is a traveling cheater, it can be hard to prove because of your lack of evidence.  With our knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with the proof you need to take farther actions.

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Is It Time You Know The Truth?

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