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When Friendship becomes More

It may begin as an innocent friendship, and then escalate to something much more. Emotional cheating is much more common than you think. While emotional affairs do not necessarily include physical contact they can be just as damaging to relationships and marriages. Connecting with someone emotionally leads to a much stronger bonding and could eventually lead to a physical affair. This is when friendship becomes more.

What exactly is emotional cheating, you ask? When someone has an emotional affair, they form meaningful attachments with people other than their partner/spouse. It prevents them from having the deep emotional connection to the person they are currently in a committed relationship with. Emotional affairs occur when one partner is channeling physical or emotional energy, time and attention to someone other than their spouse/partner. It involves a deep connection, support and intimacy to someone other than your spouse/partner. Sharing thoughts and deepest concerns, hopes and fears, passions and problems is what deepens intimacy. Intimacy is not just about sex. It is about trust and the ability to share your inner self to someone else. When intimacy develops between two people, this is called emotional bonding.

Why is it so common nowadays? With the rise of social networking and people spending much more time at work, it has become easier to disconnect from the current relationship. They come home tired, irritable, and physically and emotionally exhausted. Having lunch with a coworker and talking about their problems is much more convenient and easier than going home and talking to their partner. At work there are people that are supportive and who understand their work. Emotional infidelity often happens with co workers who allow boundaries to blur as they have start to merge personal and business. The spouse left at home could feel neglected and start wondering elsewhere for the emotional support. While it is perfectly normal and healthy to have close friends that you can trust or depend on, there is also a thin line between emotional cheating and sharing a very close bond with someone other than your partner.

Since sometimes there is no physical contact involved, emotional cheaters feel guilt-free because they view it as just a friendship. Regardless, the cheater is paying more emotional attention to someone other than their partner and they are breaking the commitment they made.

Is It Time You Know The Truth?

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