Just like with women who cheat, there are many reasons why men cheat on their lovers here are some the top 10 reasons why men cheat.

  1. Inability to say no. Many men just can’t say no to an attractive woman
  2. To boost his ego. Sometimes cheating will boost the ego of men with low self-esteem
  3. To end a relationship. Men that are cowards and can’t/won’t man-up to end a relationship will cheat on a woman hoping/knowing  that she will find out and be the one to initiate the break up
  4. Opportunistic sex. When a man is presented with sex without fear of being caught, it makes him more likely to cheat
  5. Sense of entitlement. Many men are just simply so full of themselves that they actually believe their entitled to cheat
  6. For love. He ends up falling in love with the woman he is cheating with
  7. Influence of drugs/alcohol. This is involved in most infidelities (especially one night stands) with both men and women. When someone is under the influence of a drug or alcohol, it lowers their inhibitions and greatly impairs their judgment causing them to make choices they would have otherwise probably not have made
  8. Revenge. Even though revenge cheating is more common among women, there are plenty of men that will do it to get back at a woman for cheating on him
  9. Because you let him do it. If he’s cheated on you before and you didn’t do anything about it, it could have inadvertently given him the confidence to do it again
  10. Sex addiction. Men that have a true sex addiction actually have a real medical condition and honestly just can’t help themselves, but clinical sex addiction is actually very rare and most guys just use it as a cop-out when they have been caught

There are many reasons why a man may choose to cheat, but no matter what the reason, cheating on your significant other is never ok and should never be an option for either men or women. If you suspect your spouse of cheating and would like to confirm, contact us today.